Guests of both decks can enjoy spectacular views and waterfront access to Budd Inlett on Puget Sound.

Use of the canoe, bikes and kayaks is free while you stay, and parking is plentiful.

Olympia is full of activities and entertainment for all kinds of people. Below are just a few of the attractions you'll find nearby.



Priest Point Park. Just a mile drive or walk from the bungalow, you can also reach the park by canoe or kayak. Glimpse what the land looked like before outside settlers came. Dark green woods, dripping with moss, still encircle a hidden cove and blanket the banks of Budd Inlet as they have for thousands of years. Along the park's unspoiled beaches, American Indian people once gathered for potlatch feasts.

Capitol Campus. The Visitor Center is located at 14th Avenue and Capitol Way. The visitor center is open 8-5, Monday through Friday, September through May. Summer hours are 8-5, Monday through Friday, and 10-4 Saturday and Sunday. For more information call (360) 586-3460.

Olympia Farmers Market. An easy 10 minute walk or bike ride from the bungalow, the Market the colorful, bustling marketplace is the perfect place to experience the best of the South Sound. But the market doesn't just provide a fun place to shop and socialize. Buying from small farmers, local residents are supporting their own health and the health of the community. Open 10am - 3pm Thursday through Sunday, April through December.

Wolf Haven. At Wolf Haven International, we try to provide our wolves with as natural a life as can be provided in captivity. The wolves live in habitats averaging 7,000 square feet (the wolves that come here as family units occupy larger areas). Their habitats are naturally landscaped and are adorned with old growth evergreens, oak, and a variety of flowering trees, shrubs, and ferns.

Please let us know how we can make your stay the most pleasant and memorable.